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Ezra Pound, Rome, and Love

Edited by
William Pratt and Caterina Ricciardi

LC 2013014942
ISBN-10: 0-404-65532-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-65532-7

AMS Studies in Modern Literature, No. 32

New Essays in Ezra Pound and His World, No. 2

Ezra Pound’s international reputation has been growing rather than diminishing since his death in 1972, and this selection of essays is further proof of why the most avant of avant-garde twentieth-century writers remains, in the twenty-first century, a poet widely read and admired throughout the world.

In Rome in 2009 scholars from many countries gathered to explore the meaning of the ingenious palindrome that Pound used to link Rome with love:

 R   O   M   A
 O               M
 M               O
A   M   O    R

The approaches taken by these essays vary widely, but their common subject is Rome, the capital of Pound’s adopted country, the stage of his personal tragedy, and a major source of his poetic inspiration. For Pound, Rome and love equaled poetry, and these essays show how much meaning there was in that vital connection.


I. Pound and Rome
Stephen Wilson, “‘Greeks to Their Romans’: Ezra Pound’s Visions of Empire”
Stephen Romer, “Venus at Terracina, or the ‘Mediterranean Sanity’”
Massimo Bacigalupo, “Ezra Pound’s Rome: Greeting the Returning Gods and Sponsa Christi”
Anne Conover, “‘Beyond civic order, l’AMOR’: Olga, Ezra, and Benito Mussolini”
Catherine E. Paul, “Ezra Pound in Mussolini’s Rome”
Serenella Zanotti, “Pound and the Mussolini Myth: An Unexplored Source for Canto 41
Stefano Maria Casella, “‘Ez, Franz, and Nině’: Pound and the Monottis in Rome, 1935–2000”
Caterina Ricciardi, “Ezra Pound and the Foundation of the Centro Italiano di Studi Americani: 1936”
Tim Redman, “Ezra Pound and Roman Catholicism: An Overview”

II. Pound and Love
Nephie Christodoulides, “‘A Wondrous Holiness Hath Touched Me’: Amor and Alchemy in ‘Hilda’s Book’”
Peter Liebregts, “Between Alexandria and Rome: Ezra Pound, Augustine, and the Notion of Amor
Giovanna Epifania, “Cavalcanti’s ‘Canzone d’Amore’ and Pound’s Translation Strategies in Canto 36
William Pratt, “More Lasting than Bronze: Pound’s True Heritage”

III. Pound and Other Poets
Mary de Rachewiltz, “Manfredi and Dante in Purgatory”
Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, “Love and Hate: Ezra Pound and a Contemporary Africadian Poet”
Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec, “Humming/Vortices of History and Love, or Geoffrey Hill’s Telegram to Ezra Pound”
Réka Mihálka, “He Do Elektra in Different Voices: Pound and Fleming’s Translation of Elektra
Miho Takahashi, “Herakles on the Blazing Pyre: A Reading of The Women of Trachis

IV. Pound and Other Contexts
Giuliana Ferreccio, “Ezra Pound and Aby Warburg: Nymphs and Luminous Details”
Walter Baumann, “Ezra Pound’s Belfast Connection: Allan Seaton (1916–2007)”
Piero Sanavio, “The Exile Returns: Pound in Paris 1965–66. A Personal Recollection”
Ira B. Nadel, “‘And Pounds and Pounds and Pounds’: The Many Lives of Ezra Pound”

Notes on Contributors

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Ezra Pound International Conference (23rd : 2009 : Rome, Italy)
     Roma/amor : Ezra Pound, Rome, and love / edited by William Pratt and Caterina Ricciardi.
     p. cm. — (AMS studies in modern literature, ISSN 0270-2983 ; no. 32) (New essays in Ezra Pound and his world ; No. 2)
     Includes bibliographical references and index.
     The essays in this volume, ROMA/AMOR: Ezra Pound, Rome and Love, are substantially revised versions of some given at the 23rd Ezra Pound International Conference in Rome in 2009. Many more papers were given than could be gathered into a single book, but what is offered here is a representative sample of all that were delivered by the authors from June 30 to July 4, 2009, at the Centro di Studi Americani in the Palazzo Antici Mattei di Giove in central Rome.
     Summary: Twenty-two essays analyzing topics related to the city of Rome, as it figures in the life and work of American poet Ezra Pound — Provided by publisher.
     ISBN 978-0-404-65532-7 (cloth : alk. paper)
     1. Pound, Ezra, 1885-1972—Criticism and interpretation—Congresses.
     2. Poets, American—Homes and haunts—Italy—Rome—Congresses.
     3. Rome—In literature—Congresses.
     I. Pratt, William, 1927- editor.
     II. Ricciardi, Caterina editor.
     III. Title.
     IV. Title: Ezra Pound, Rome, and love.
PS3531.O82Z624 2009
811'.52—dc23                                                       2013014942