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The Eighteenth-Century Response, 1747–1804

Edited by Lois E. Bueler

Two Clothbound Volumes

Volume 1: Reading Clarissa
LC 2008030519

Volume 2: Rewriting Clarissa
LC 2008540789

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The Clarissa Project, Vol. 10
AMS Studies in the Eighteenth Century, Nos. 60 & 61

“Bueler's collection is a testament to the international flavor of Clarissa’s reception and the novel’s impact on its readers. Reflecting the field’s continued fascination with book history and the history of readers, this is a valuable resource for scholars interested not only in Richardson’s works and the period’s literature and culture, but also in abridgement, translation, biography, and pedagogy, subjects to which Clarissa’s readers frequently return. . . . The second volume, Rewriting Clarissa, . . . is a fascinating collection that promises to enhance Richardson studies by providing access to several adaptations never before translated into English (the German, Spanish, and French plays) and to one play, Lemercier’s Lovelace, which appears here in print for the first time.”

—Erin Parker, Eighteenth-Century Studies

“[T]hese volumes offer a compilation of various and wonderful documents to work on. While many of them might now be found through Google Books and similar electronic sources, the searcher would probably hang herself before the job was done. This set offers a worthy . . . lifeline.”

—H. J. Jackson, Times Literary Supplement

“[T]his set offers a kaleidoscopic cultural and literary perspective of the last 50 years of the 18th century, in Great Britain and on the Continent. These volumes, particularly the first, are indispensable for libraries professing to maintain adequate 18th-century holdings. Summing Up: Highly recommended.”

—Anthony W. Lee, Choice

In the spirit of the Clarissa Project’s emphasis on primary texts and contexts, Clarissa: The Eighteenth-Century Response, 1747–1804 brings together examples of the extensive and impressively varied reaction to the novel from the moment of its publication to the first edition of Richardson’s correspondence.

Drawn from sources in Britain, the Continent, and North America, the material assembled by editor Lois E. Bueler ranges from casual readers’ responses to extended critical essays in the major publications of the day; from verse elegies to poetic appreciations; from an English shopkeeper’s diary to a distraught young German woman’s plea for pastoral advice; from fictionalized conduct books to novels about the London sex trade; from debates among the most celebrated intellectuals of the century to dramatic adaptations written in four languages.

Volume I, Reading Clarissa, brings together some 200 separate texts to give a sense of the century’s entire conversation about Clarissa. With this text readers will for the first time be able to access in a single volume not just the often-mentioned comments of such major figures as Johnson, Rousseau, and Diderot but also responses such as the German conversations surrounding von Haller, Gellert, and Klopstock; the commentary in the Correspondence littéraire; the novel’s fortunes in translation, including the late but enthusiastic participation of the Spanish; the use of Clarissa and its characters in nearly a score of novels; references and extended arguments in didactic and conduct literature; and North American reactions from a verse paean to printing and printers to an enthusiastic consideration attributed to Charles Brockden Brown.

Volume II, Rewriting Clarissa, presents adaptations of the novel. While two of these are already available to the determined scholar—the Clarissa portion of The Paths of Virtue Delineated and George Colman’s one-act farce Polly Honeycombe—the six full-length dramas Bueler has selected are extremely rare. The German, Spanish, and French plays she includes have never before been translated, and one of them—Népomucène Lemercier’s Lovelace—has not previously been printed.

All the items mentioned in these related but independent volumes refer to, correct, or add to the standard Richardson bibliographies of Sarah W. R. Smith (1984) and R. G. Hannaford (1969). Each volume contains an index of names and brief biographies of the approximately 160 writers represented.

Volume 1 Contents
1. First Reactions, 1747–1752
2. Friends of Samuel Richardson
3. Obituaries and Biographies
4. Readers’ Responses
5. Clarissa in Novels and Plays
6. Ethics and Education
7. Literary Criticism
8. Looking Back: Barbauld and Her Reviewers

Volume 2 Contents
1. Oliver Goldsmith [?], The Paths of Virtue Delineated
2. George Colman, Polly Honeycombe
3. Johann Heinrich Steffens, Clarissa
4. Jean François Née de la Rochelle, Clarisse Harlove
5. Robert Porrett, Clarissa, or The Fatal Seduction
6. Louis Jean Népomucène Lemercier, Lovelace
7. Anonymous, Clarisse, ou La Vertu Malheureuse
8. Antonio Marqués y Espejo, Miss Clara Harlove

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data [For Volume 1]

Clarissa : the eighteenth-century response, 1747–1804. Volume 1, Reading Clarissa / edited and introduced by Lois E. Bueler.
     p. cm. — (AMS studies in the eighteenth century, ISSN 0196-6561 ; no. 60)
     Includes bibliographical references and index.
     ISBN 978-0-404-63810-8 (v. 1 : acid-free paper) — ISBN 978-0-404-64860-2 (set : acid-free paper)
     1. Richardson, Samuel, 1689–1761. Clarissa.
     2. Richardson, Samuel, 1689–1761—Appreciation—Europe.
     3. Richardson, Samuel, 1689–1761—Criticism and interpretation—History—18th century.
     4. Epistolary fiction, English—History and criticism—Theory, etc.
     5. Authors and readers—Great Britain—History—18th century.
     6. Criticism—Great Britain—History—18th century.
     I. Bueler, Lois E.
     II. Title: Reading Clarissa.

PR3664.C43C56 2010
823'.6—dc22                                                       2008030519

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data [For Volume 2]

Clarissa : the eighteenth-century response, 1747–1804. Volume 2, Rewriting Clarissa / edited and introduced by Lois E. Bueler.
     p. cm. — (AMS studies in the eighteenth century, ISSN 0196-6561 ; no. 61)
     Includes bibliographical references and index.
     ISBN 978-0-404-63811-5 (v. 2 : acid-free paper) — ISBN 978-0-404-64860-2 (set : acid-free paper)
     1. Richardson, Samuel, 1689–1761—Adaptations.
     I. Bueler, Lois E.
     II. Colman, George, 1732–1794. Polly Honeycombe.
     III. Steffans, Johann Heinrich, 1711–1784. Clarissa.
     IV. Née de la Rochelle, J.-F. (Jean-François), 1751–1838. Clarisse Harlove.
     V. Porrett, Robert, fl. 1788. Clarissa, or The fatal seduction.
     VI. Lemercier, Népomucène-Louis, 1771–1840. Lovelace.
     VII. Marqués y Espejo, Antonio. Miss Clara Harlove.
     VIII. Title: Rewriting Clarissa.
     IX. Title: Paths of virtue delineated.
     X. Title: Clarisse, ou La Vertu Malheureuse.

PR3667.C58 2010
823'.6—dc22                                                       2008540789

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Carol Houlihan Flynn and Edward Copeland, eds., Clarissa and Her Readers: New Essays for The Clarissa Project.
New York, 1999. LC 99-48633, CIP, ISBN 978-0-404-63631-9, PR3664.
AMS Studies in the Eighteenth Century, No. 31. The Clarissa Project, Volume 9.

Susan Price Karpuk, Samuel Richardson's Clarissa: An Index. Analyzing the Characters, Subjects, and Place Names (Based upon the Penguin Classics edition, 1985).
New York, 2000. LC 99-33015, CIP, ISBN 978-0-404-63534-3, PR3664.
AMS Studies in the Eighteenth Century, No. 34.