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Religion in the Age of Reason
A Transatlantic Study of the Long Eighteenth Century

Edited by Kathryn Duncan

LC 2006045352
ISBN-10: 0-404-64853-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64853-4

AMS Studies in the Eighteenth Century, No. 53

“Readers . . . will learn much from this collection.”
Rick Kennedy, Church History

This collection of essays brings together international scholars examining the role of religion during a period that has often been seen primarily through its secular concerns. While Locke, Newton, and Hume are central to understanding this period, religious debates made their presence known everywhere. Issues of tolerance, Deism, dissent, original sin, enthusiasm, and women’s roles in religion appeared in sermons, novels, plays, pamphlets, and poetry. Careful attention to these forms necessarily requires investigations of economics, class, gender, rhetoric, philosophy, material culture, and aesthetics.

Through disparate approaches to American and British literature and culture, the essays in Religion in the Age of Reason demonstrate that religion remained a central part of lived experience and literature during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Kathryn Duncan, Introduction
Anne Barbeau Gardiner, “Division in Communion: Symbols of Transubstantiation in Donne, Milton, and Dryden”
Kevin L. Cope, “Fading Fast but Still in Print: The Brink of Visibility and the Form of Religious Experience, Spinoza to Cowper”
Patricia C. Brückmann, “The ‘Serene Mr. Cressy’: Enlightened and Peaceful Catholicism in the Late Seventeenth Century”
Gary Kuchar, “‘Organs of Thy Praise’: The Function and Rhetoric of the Body in Thomas Traherne”
Michael Austin, “Bunyan’s Book of Ruth: The Typological Structure of the Seventeenth-Century Debate on Women in the Church”
Bob Tennant, “John Tillotson and the Voice of Anglicanism”
Harry Clark Maddux, “Effects and Affects: Edward Taylor’s Negotiation of Ramist Rhetoric”
Katherine M. Quinsey, “Dualities of the Divine in Pope’s Essay on Man and the Dunciad
Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz, “‘Dishonest Scars’: Holiness, Secrecy, and the Problem of Perpetual Peace”
Brian Fehler, “Jonathan Edwards on Nature as a Language of God: Symbolic Typology as Rhetorical Presence”
Brett C. McInelly, “Method or Madness: Methodist Devotion and the Anti-Methodist Response”
Peter Nockles, “The Changing Legacy and Reception of John Foxe’s ‘Book of Martyrs’ in the ‘Long Eighteenth Century’: Varieties of Anglican, Protestant, and Catholic Response, c. 1760–c. 1830”

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Religion in the age of reason : a transatlantic study of the long eighteenth century / edited by Kathryn Duncan
     p. cm. — (AMS studies in the eighteenth century ; no. 53)
     Includes bibliographical references and index.
     ISBN 0-404-64853-3 (alk. paper)
     1. Church history—18th century.
     2. Great Britain—Church history—18th century.
     3. United States—Church history—18th century.
     I. Duncan, Kathryn.
     II. Series.
BR470.R455 2008
270.7—dc22                                                       2006045352