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Dickens's Nonfictional, Theatrical, and Poetical Writings

An Annotated Bibliography, 1820–2000

By Robert C. Hanna

LC 2006042843 — Clothbound $187.50

CIP, ISBN-10: 0-404-64465-1 / ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64465-9

AMS Studies in the Nineteenth Century, No. 35

“[A] book that every academic library should own. It corrals a vast accumulation of work on Dickens's non-fictional, theatrical and poetical writings into a manageable form, annotates these writings . . . and makes them accessible to the modern Dickens scholar.” —Trey Philpotts, Dickens Quarterly

“The fruits of Hanna’s extensive bibliographical research extend our knowledge of both common ground and curious byways. . . . an indespensible source.” —David Paroissien, The Review of English Studies

“Hanna . . . includes over 2,000 books, articles, and dissertations dealing with Dickens’ nonfiction books, including such titles as American Notes, A Child’s History of England, and Pictures from Italy; works edited by or with prefaces or other contributions by Dickens; juvenilia; miscellaneous pieces; speeches; plays; and poetry. . . . This splendid, easy-to-use work of scholarship also offers author and title indexes.” —Michael Adams, American Reference Books Annual

“With the two exceptions of most of Charles Dickens’s letters and most of his introductions to his books, this volume of the AMS Press Dickens annotated bibliography series focuses on what could be described as ‘all the rest’ of Dickens’s writings.” What Hanna modestly terms “all the rest,” in this comment from his introduction, barely suggests the extraordinary labor he has undertaken in this bibliography. Often gathering together information on little-known works rarely subjected to sustained scholarship, Hanna has generated more than 2,000 annotated entries identifying nonfictional, theatrical, and poetical works by way of extant commentary—from an eight-year-old Dickens’s first play to literary criticism as recent as the year 2000. Even the most devoted Dickensians will be dazzled by all that Hanna’s spadework has brought to light.

Hanna’s earlier published work includes articles, primarily in The Dickensian, two of which deal with Dickens and plagiarism—a charge he refutes. He is also the author of The Dickens Family Gospel (Legacy, 1998) and The Dickens Christian Reader (AMS, 2000).


Part One: Nonfictional Works
A. Full-Length Works
     Sketches by BOZ
     Sketches of Young Gentlemen
     Sketches of Young Couples
     Sunday under Three Heads
     American Notes
     Pictures from Italy
     A Child’s History of England
     Reprinted Pieces
     The Uncommercial Traveller
     The Life of Our Lord
B. Works Edited or with Prefaces or Contributions by Dickens
     Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi
     The Pic Nic Papers
C. Shorter Works
     Dickens as Periodical Editor and Contributor
      “The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices”
     Miscellaneous Pieces
Part Two: Personal Writings and Speeches
     Autobiographical Fragment
Part Three: Plays (arranged chronologically)
     The Strange Gentleman
     The Village Coquettes
     Is She His Wife? Or, Something Singular
     The Lamplighter
     Dickens as Dramatist and Coauthor of Plays
Part Four: Poetry

Each title section is divided into a variety of subcategories, such as these for Sketches by BOZ:
     Letters by Dickens
     Editions through 1870
     Editions after 1870 with Commentary of Other Significance
     Electronic Editions
     Illustrations over which Dickens Retained Control
     Dramatizations and Imitations
     Musical Adaptation
     Dissertations (USA) and Theses (UK)
     Criticism and Commentary through 1870
     Criticism and Commentary after 1870

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Hanna, Robert C. (Robert Conrad)
Dickens’s nonfictional, theatrical, and poetical writings : an annotated bibliography, 1820–2000 / Robert C. Hanna.
     p. cm. — (AMS studies in the nineteenth century, ISSN 0196-657x ; no. 35)
     Includes indexes.
     ISBN-10: 0-404-64465-1
     ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64465-9 (alk. paper)
     1. Dickens, Charles, 1812–1870&8212;Bibliography.
     I. Title.
     II. Series
     III. Series: The Dickens Bibliographies
Z8230.H34 2007
016.823'8—dc22                                                       2006042843