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General Studies of Charles Dickens
and His Writings and Collected
Editions of His Works:
An Annotated Bibliography

Volume 2

Autobiographical Writings, Letters, Obituaries,
Reminiscences, Biographies, and Biographical Studies

By Duane DeVries

LC 99-086395
Set ISBN-10: 0-404-64463-5
Set ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64463-5
In Two Clothbound Sections

AMS Studies in the Nineteenth Century, No. 33

“[E]ach of the 4151 entries is summarised and assessed for the value it brings to the study of Dickens, a truly impressive achievement, demonstrating that DeVries is not just aware of each piece of work he lists but has, with just a few exceptions, seen, read, digested, described and placed it in context. Here is deep knowledge and understanding. . . . A bibliography is, essentially, a work of reference and quite rightly DeVries has gone to great lengths to arrange and index his listings to guide the user to broader themes and subjects as well as to specific people and places. This is painstaking work---I feel humble with admiration for his fortitude.”

—Michael Allen, The Dickensian

“One expects [from a bibliography] comprehensiveness and accuracy, along with succinct and judicious annotations that are still long enough to do justice to the more important items. Volume 2 in this seriesĖin fact two separate volumes whose cumulative entries run to over 4,000Ėfits this brief superlatively: Dickens studies has not seen an undertaking on this scale since the appearance seven years ago of the first volume of annotated bibliographies of general studies of Dickens and his works. . . . DeVriesís vade mecum belongs in every research library. Secure on the shelves, the two volumesóďa labor of love as well of enduranceĒówill serve scholars and critics far into the foreseeable future.”

—David Paroissien, Dickens Quarterly

The second of four volumes of annotated bibliography of general studies of Dickens and his works, Volume 2 of DeVriesís acclaimed study offers thoughtful annotations of over 4,000 items related to Dickensís biographical and autobiographical writings. The introduction provides scholars, students, and general readers with a thorough overview of the history and most pressing issues in this area of Dickens studies, while the entriesí many cross references and the bookís detailed index will help quickly direct researchers to the information they need. The result is a foundation for all future scholarship on Dickensís life and works

Abbreviated Table of Contents

Full table of contents available here [PDF 292 KB].

     Autobiographical Writings
     Surveys of Dickensian Biography and Biographical Studies
     Pre-Forster Biographical Writings (1836-71)
     Biographical Writings from Forster (1871-73) to 1900
     Biographical Writings from 1900 to Forster-Ley (1928)
     Biographical Writings from Forster-Ley (1928) to the Nonesuch Letters (1938)
     Biographical Writings from the Nonesuch Letters (1938) to Johnson (1952)
     Biographical Writings from Johnson (1952) to Pilgrim Letters, I (1965)
     Biographical Writings from Pilgrim Letters, I (1965), to the Twenty-First Century

Part Eight: Autobiographical Writings
8A. The Autobiographical Documents
     8A1. Autobiographies—Genuine and Fabricated
     8A2. Diaries—Genuine and Fabricated
     8A3. Book of Memoranda, Letters, Speeches
     8A4. Works

8B. Commentaries on Dickensís Autobiographical Writings

Part Nine: Dickensís Letters
9A. Principal Collections of Letters (Chronological Order)
9B. Individual Letters and Small Sets of Letters
     9B1. Letters Published Before 1880
     9B2. Letters Published 1880–1938
     9B3. Letters Published 1939–64
     9B4. Letters Published 1965–2001
     9B5. Letters Published 2002–Date

9C. Commentaries on Dickensís Letters

Part Ten: Obituaries, Eulogies, Reminiscences, Recollections
10A. Obituaries and Eulogies
10B. Reminiscences, Recollections, and Contemporary Observations
     10B1. Published 1841–June 1870
     10B2. Published July 1870–1899
     10B3. Published 1900–27
     10B4. Published 1928–51
     10B5. Published 1952–Date

Part Eleven: Biographies of Dickens
11A. Principal Biographies of Dickens (Chronological Order)
11B. Commentaries on Biographies and Biographers of Dickens

Part Twelve: Shorter Biographies and Biographical Sketches and Studies
12A. General Studies
     12A1. 1837–71: Pre-Forster Studies (Chronological Order)
     12A2. 1872–1952: Forster to Johnson Studies
     12A3. 1953–Date: Post-Johnson Studies

12B. Biographical Studies for the Period 1812–36
12C. Biographical Studies for the Period 1837–42
12D. Biographical Studies for the Period 1843–56
12E. Biographical Studies for the Period 1857–70
12F. Studies of Dickensís Family
     12F1. The Family in General
     12F2. Paternal and Maternal Ancestry of Charles Dickens
     12F3. The Parents and Siblings of Charles Dickens
     12F4. Ancestry, Parents, Siblings of Catherine Hogarth Dickens
     12F5. Catherine Hogarth Dickens
     12F6. The Immediate Dickens Family and the Children of Charles and Catherine Hogarth Dickens and Their Descendants

12G. Studies of Dickensís Relationships with Friends, Acquaintances, and Associates
     12G1. General Studies
     12G2. Studies of Individuals

Author Index
Subject Index

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
DeVries, Duane (Duane DeVries)
General studies of Charles Dickens and his writings and collected editions of his works : an annotated bibliography / Duane DeVries
     p. cm. — (AMS studies in the nineteenth century, ISSN 0196-657X; no. 22)
     Includes bibliographical references and index.
     Contents: v. 1. Bibliographies, checklists, catalogues, collections, and bibliographical and textual studies.
     ISBN 978-0-404-64452-X (alk. paper)
     1. Dickens, Charles, 1812–1870—Bibliography
     2. Dickens, Charles, 1812–1870—Criticism and interpretation—Bibliography.
     I. Title.
     II. Series.
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016.823'8—dc21                                                       99-086395