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Clarissa and Her Readers:New Essays for The Clarissa Project

Edited and Introduced by Carol Houlihan Flynn and Edward Copeland

LC 99-48633
ISBN 0-404-63631-4
$ 84.50

The Clarissa Project, Vol. 9
AMS Studies in the Eighteenth Century, No. 31

Clarissa and Her Readers…for The Clarissa Project should prove quite valuable for students and scholars. Carol Houlihan Flynn’s lovely introduction justifies the collection’s title, analyzing the often adversarial relationship of Richardson’s readers to his massive novel, and reflecting upon what she calls the critic’s ‘conflicting impulse to expose and admire’ the cultural and aesthetic work Richardson does in Clarissa …. Flynn argues compellingly that Richardson at once reveals and disguises the political and economic ‘structure of things,’ remaining loyal to ‘the system he threatens, through his examples, to subvert’…. Overall the collection manages to retain a tight focus while offering a wide range of questions and approaches. The recent textual scholarship, and the new availability of an index and Richardson’s own additions to his text, will surely provoke further work of this quality.”

— Leslie Richardson, Eighteenth-Century Studies


CAROL HOULIHAN FLYNN, “Richardson and His Readers: An Introduction to the Essays”
NANCY ARMSTRONG, “Reclassifying Clarissa: Fiction and the Making of the Modern Middle Class”
JAYNE ELIZABETH LEWIS, “Clarissa’s Cruelty: Modern Fables of Moral Authority in The History of a Young Lady
JERRY C. BEASLEY, “Clarissa and Early Female Fiction”
JANICE BRODER, “Lady Bradshaigh Reads and Writes Clarissa: The Marginal Notes in Her First Edition”
RUTH PERRY, “Clarissa’s Daughters: Or, The History of Innocence Betrayed”
JULIA GENSTER, “Belforded Over: The Reader in Clarissa
SERGE SOUPEL, “Clarissa Versus Lovelace: The Appropriation of Space and Clashing Rhetorics”
RACHEL TRICKETT, “Dryden’s Part in Clarissa
JULIET McMASTER, “Reading the Body in Clarissa
DAVID MARSHALL, “Fatal Letters: Clarissa and the Death of Julie”
ISOBEL GRUNDY, “Seduction Pursued by Other Means? The Rape in Clarissa
JOAN I. SCHWARZ, “Eighteenth-Century Abduction Law and Clarissa.”