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Samuel Richardson’s
An Index

Analyzing the Characters, Subjects, and Place Names
(Based upon the Penguin Classics edition, 1985)
“a complete text of the first edition”
by Susan Price Karpuk

LC 99-33015
ISBN 0-404-63534-2
$ 124.50
AMS Studies in the Eighteenth Century, No. 34

“That a novel should require an index to direct scholars through its mazes seems a dubious distinction, but the longest novel in the English language must of necessity be a prime candidate for such an honor.... Susan Price Karpuk has undertaken the enormous labor of sifting through Clarissa to compile an inventory of its contents. …An Index offers indices of characters, subjects, and place names, as well as a brief synopsis of each letter, identified by its date and its number in Angus Ross’s Penguin edition of 1985. Karpuk’s index hews to Richardson’s first edition as made accessible by Ross, but with the letter summaries she provides corresponding volume and letter numbers for the 1747-8 seven-volume first edition and the eight-volume third edition of 1751. The work is meticulous, well-organized, and (if one can thus characterize an index) enthusiastic.... The index of characters claims to cover every character mentioned in the book.... An alphabetical listing of characters preceding the index points us in the proper direction if we are uncertain who qualifies as whose dependent. The subject index is equally exhaustive…. The letter summaries, though terse, provide a guide to the novel for which the faint-hearted re-reader may breathe a sigh of relief.”

—Leslie Richardson, Eighteenth-Century Studies

“a painstaking contribution to the study of Clarissa

—Angus Ross, Eighteenth-Century Fiction


Belford, Mr. John, Lovelace’s friend
Harlowe, Mr. Antony, Clarissa’s uncle
Harlowe, Miss Arabella, Clarissa’s elder sister
Harlowe, Mrs. Charlotte, Clarissa’s mamma
Harlowe, Miss Clarissa
Harlowe, Mr. James, Jun., Clarissa’s brother
Harlowe, Mr. James, Sen., Clarissa’s papa
Harlowe, Mr. John, Clarissa’s uncle
Harlowe Family
Hervey, Mrs. Dorothy
, Clarissa’s aunt
Hickman, Mr. Charles, Anna’s suitor
Howe, Miss Anna, Clarissa’s friend
Howe, Mrs. Annabella, Anna’s mamma
Lord M., Lovelace’s uncle
Lovelace, Mr. Robert
Moore, Mrs., Clarissa’s landlady at Hampstead
Morden, Colonel William, Clarissa’s cousin
Norton, Mrs. Judith, Clarissa’s nurse
Sinclair, Mrs., brothelkeeper in London
Smith, Mr. John, shopkeeper in London
Subject Index
Place Name Index
Summaries of Letters, Collating Letter Numbers for the Penguin Classics printing of the 1st edition, 1985 S. Richardson’s printing of the 1st edition, 1748, and S. Richardson’s printing of the 3rd edition, 1751