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Eighteenth-Century Thought

Edited by Jeffrey D. Burson

ISSN 1545-0449
Set ISBN-10: 0-404-63760-4
Set ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63760-6

Eighteenth-Century Thought is an international, interdisciplinary annual founded for the purpose of advancing the study of the long eighteenth century from c. 1650 to the end of the Atlantic and European Revolutionary Era (c. 1750–1850). The annual publishes research pertinent to the fields of Revolutionary Europe, the history of the Atlantic world, the Enlightenment, the globalization of thought and culture between c. 1650–1850, the history of political thought and philosophy, eighteenth-century cultural and literary studies, history of science, legal history, the intersection of Enlightenment and religion, as well as economic thought and the human sciences as they were conceived and pursued from the middle seventeenth century to the early nineteenth century.

Eighteenth-Century Thought is a refereed, peer-reviewed journal. All submissions are subject to editorial review and review by outside readers. The journal is abstracted and indexed in Book Review Index, International Political Science Abstracts, The Philosopher’s Index, Religion Index One, Sociological Abstracts, Humanities Index, Social Sciences Index, and Index to Legal Periodicals.

Submissions should be emailed as .doc or .docx files to Jeffrey Burson and should not exceed 10,000 words (text and notes inclusive). All footnote references must follow the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style, and the author should only be identified on a separate cover page. In addition, authors must include a short list of key concepts for indexing, pending acceptance for publication.

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Editorial Board
Michael Bradie, Bowling Green State University
James Bradley, Fuller Theological Seminary
Kevin Cope, Louisiana State University
Baerbel Czennia, McNeese State University
Timothy Costelloe, College of William and Mary
Julia Douthwaite, University of Notre Dame
James Engell, Harvard University
James E. Force, University of Kentucky, Emeritus
Christopher Fox, University of Notre Dame
Daniel Garber, Princeton University
Graeme Garrard, Cardiff University
Mark Goldie, University of Cambridge
Knud Haakonssen, University of Sussex, Emeritus
Emmet Kennedy, George Washington University, Emeritus
Frieda Koeninger, Sam Houston State University
Sang Hyun Lee, Princeton Theological Seminary
Ulrich L. Lehner, Marquette University
Marc Lerner, University of Mississippi
David Lieberman, University of California, Berkeley
David Mazella, University of Houston
James McClellan, Stevens Institute of Technology
John R. Milton, King’s College, London
Kenneth Minkema, Yale University
Melvyn New, University of Florida
Mark Noll, University of Notre Dame
Pauline Phemister, University of Edinburgh
John Russell Roberts, Florida State University
Lisa Rosner, Richard Stockton College
John Scanlan, Providence College
Paul Schuurman
, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Justin E. H. Smith, Concordia University
Tom Stoneham, University of York
Laura Thomason, Middle Georgia State College
Janie Vanpée, Smith College
Peter Walmsley, McMaster University
Byron Wells, Wake Forest University
Catherine Wilson, University of York
John P. Wright, Central Michigan University
Brian W. Young, University of Oxford

October 2014

ISBN-10: 0-404-63765-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63765-1
Cloth $137.50

Karen E. Carter, “Science, Reason, and the Catechism: Catholicism and the Enlightenment”
Robert Sparling, “Religious Belief and Community in Pierre Bayle’s Defense of Religious Toleration
Rowland Weston, “‘The end of the commandment’: William Godwin and the Doctrine of Necessity
Giovanni B. Grandi, “Hume and Reid on Political Economy”
J. R. Milton, “Locke and the Perils of Anecdotal History”
Robert R. Clewis, “Kant’s Empiricist Rationalism in the Mid-1760s”
Sophie Bourgault, “The Epistemological Significance of Rousseau’s Musical Polemics,

August 2009

ISBN-10: 0-404-63764-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63764-4
Cloth $137.50

J. C. Walmsley and E. Meyer, “John Locke’s ‘Repirationis usus’: Text and Translation”
Philip Milton, “John Locke’s Expulsion from Christ Church in 1684”
Nathaniel Wolloch, “The Turkish Spy and Eighteenth-Century British Theriophily”
Justin E. H. Smith, “‘A Mere Organical Body Like a Clock’? Organic Body and the Problem of Idealism in the Late Leibniz”
Luke Brekke, “Arguing for Miracles in the Eighteenth-Century Public Sphere”
Peter Anstey, “The Experimental History of the Understanding from Locke to Sterne”
Lorne Falkenstein, “Hume on ‘Genuine,’ ‘True,’ and ‘Rational’ Religion”
James A. Harris, “Innateness in British Philosophy, c. 1750–1820”
Anthony Di Lorenzo, “Dissenting Protestantism as a Language of Revolution in Thomas Paine’s Common Sense
Judith C. Mueller, “Animal Ascension in the Long Eighteenth Century: The Contested ‘Creature’ of Romans 8”
Sharon A. Stanley, “Hermits and Cynics in the Enlightenment: Rousseau and Rameau’s Nephew
Jim Smyth, “An Invigorating Controversy: Herbert Butterfield and the Namier School”

Review Essay
Mark Goldie, “The Present State of Locke Biography” (on Roger Woolhouse, Locke: A Biography)

Volumes Available to Order

Volume ISBN-10 ISBN-13 Date Price
1 0-404-63761-2 978-0-404-63761-3 07/2003 $137.50
2 0-404-63762-0 978-0-404-63762-0 12/2004 $137.50
3 0-404-63763-9 978-0-404-63763-7 09/2007 $137.50
4 0-404-63764-7 978-0-404-63764-4 08/2009 $137.50
5 0-404-63765-5 978-0-404-63765-1 10/2014 $137.50