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Volume 45

Dickens Studies Annual

Essays on Victorian Fiction

Edited by Stanley Friedman, Edward Guiliano,
Anne Humpherys, Natalie McKnight, Caroline Reitz, and Michael Timko

ISSN 0084-9812
Set ISBN 0-404-18520-7

Submission Guidelines

Dickens Studies Annual: Essays on Victorian Fiction welcomes essay- and monograph-length contributions on Dickens and other Victorian novelists and on the history and aesthetics of Victorian fiction. All manuscripts should be double-spaced and should follow the documentation format described in the most recent MLA Style Manual. The authorís name should appear only on a cover-page, not elsewhere in the essay. An editorial decision can usually be reached more quickly if two copies of the article are submitted, since outside readers are asked to evaluate each submission. If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author will be asked to provide a 100- to 200-word abstract. The preferred editions for citations from Dickensís works are the Clarendon and the Norton Critical when available, otherwise the Oxford Illustrated or the Penguin.

In addition to articles on Dickens, past volumes have included essays on such authors as Disraeli, Elizabeth Gaskell, Thackeray, Trollope, the BrontŽ sisters, George Eliot, Wilkie Collins, Margaret Oliphant, Lewis Carroll, Hardy, Stevenson, and Doyle.

(1) Length: Most of the articles accepted for publication in Dickens Studies Annual are approximately 20 to 60 pp. long in typescript. The editors may, however, accept longer or shorter studies.

(2) Format: Please prepare mss. in 12-point Times New Roman type. According to the documentation format described in the MLA Style Manual, page documentation should be provided in brief parenthetical references within the text of the essay, since full bibliographical details appear in the Works Cited section. If notes are needed, DSA uses endnotes rather than footnotes, and these endnotes should appear after the essay itself, just before the Works Cited section, and should include only brief bibliographical information about works mentioned, since these texts also will be listed in the Works Cited section.

(3) Deadline: There is no deadline. When one volume is completed, the editors begin collecting essays for the following issue.

(4) Review Time: Because Dickens Studies Annual sends submissions anonymously to volunteer outside readers for evaluation, reaching an editorial decision usually takes approximately five to six months. In some cases, a little more time may be needed because of other professional commitments of the reviewers and of the editors. The editors try to make the waiting time as brief as possible. Contributors are encouraged to provide e-mail addresses, in order to facilitate communication.

(5) Submission Policy: The editors of DSA do not wish to be sent submissions that are also being considered by other journals.

(6) Illustrations: Dickens Studies Annual will publish a reasonable number of illustrations that support or enhance an essay. Because of extra costs, color illustrations cannot be included. Images that are sent should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Please forward hard copies of desired illustrations with the original submission. If an essay is accepted, the author will be asked to send any needed permissions for illustrations.

(7) Miscellaneous: Since submissions that cannot be accepted are normally destroyed instead of being sent back to their authors, return postage should not be included.

Please mail submissions to:
     The Editors
     Dickens Studies Annual
     Ph.D. Program in English
     The Graduate Center
     365 Fifth Avenue
     New York, NY 10016Ė4309

Please send inquiries concerning subscriptions and/or availability of earlier volumes to AMS Press, Inc.

Editorial Advisory Board
     Rosemarie Bodenheimer
     John Bowen
     Joel J. Brattin
     Duane DeVries
     Richard J. Dunn
     David Garlock
     Ruth Glancy
     John O. Jordan
     Gerhard Joseph
     Fred Kaplan
     James R. Kincaid
     Cynthia M. Malone
     Nancy A. Metz
     Renata Kobetts Miller
     Goldie Morgentaler
     Lillian Nayder
     Jude Nixon
     David H. Paroissien
     Robert L. Patten
     John Reed
     Caroline Reitz
     Dianne F. Sadoff
     Talia Schaffer
     Timothy Spurgin
     Deborah A. Thomas
     Robert Tracy