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Volume 23

The Age of Johnson

A Scholarly Annual

Edited by Jack Lynch
ISSN 0884-5816
LC 85-48058
Set ISBN-10: 0-404-62750-1
Set ISBN-13: 978-0-404-62750-8

“The prose [in Age of Johnson] aims for uncluttered elegance (no jargon, nothing congested or obscure); the erudition can be awesome. Produced in a large format hardback with wide margins, The Age of Johnson is a magisterial affair from AMS Press. . . . It has become, deservedly, the leading journal for Johnsonian studies. . . . For anyone with even a moderate interest in Johnson and his times there is absorbing matter here.”

—Norma Clarke, Times Literary Supplement

The Age of Johnson continues to be a major publishing event in Johnson and related studies. . . .”

Year’s Work in English Studies, on volume 18

Age of Johnson remains the gold standard in long-eighteenth-century literary studies, due to its dedication to the sort of soundness that eschews jargon and trendiness, the notable mixture among its contributors of titans in their fields and new and newish scholars making their marks, its generously expansive book reviews (that can range from about four pages to fifty, but tend to average six or seven), and the emphasis in a great many of its articles on the historical and political contexts of the works and authors studied.

—David Nunnery, ECCB, on volume 18

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Volume 23

Cloth $205.00


Special Section: Johnson and Boswell after 250 Years
Celia Barnes, “‘A Morbid Oblivion’: Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, and Remembering Not to Forget”
Shirley F. Tung, “‘An Isthmus Which Joins Two Great Continents’: Johnson, Boswell, and the Character of the Travel Writer in An Account of Corsica
John Radner, “Boswell, Johnson, and the Biographical Project”

Barry Baldwin, “Samuel Johnson and Virgil”
Anthony W. Lee, “Johnson, Newton, and the ‘Equal Motion’ of Politeness”
Howard D. Weinbrot, “Johnson’s Irene and Rasselas, Richardson’s Pamela Exalted: Contexts, Polygamy, and the Seraglio”
Paul Tankard, “Nineteen More Johnsonian Designs: A Supplement to ‘That Great Literary Projector’”
Wendy Laura Belcher and Bekure Herouy, “The Melancholy Translator: Sirak Wäldä Sellasse Heruy’s Amharic Translation of Samuel Johnson’s Rasselas
John Stone, “Being Boswell’s Brother”
Roger D. Lund, “The Crown of Dulness: Pope, Cibber, and the Laurel”
Hilary Teynor Donatini, “Smollett’s Justices”
Marie McAllister, “Ungovernable Propensities: Belinda and the Idea of Addiction”

Review Essay
Rebecca Shapiro, “Abundant Treasury: The Historical Thesaurus of the OED

Book Reviews

Volume 22

December 2012
ISBN-10: 0-404-62772-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-62772-0
Cloth $205.00

David Nunnery, “Informational Biography and the Lives of the Poets
James J. Caudle, “‘O Rare Sam Jonson’: James Boswell’s Journal of a Tour to Hawthornden Castle with Samuel Johnson and Ben Jonson, 1773”
Paul Tankard, “Boswell, George Steevens, and the Johnsonian Biography Wars”
Morgan W. Strawn, “‘A Species of Despotism’: Catholicism and Benevolent Authoritarianism in Boswell’s Account of Corsica
Robert G. Walker, “Notes on Boswell Laird of Auchinleck, 1778–1782
Lisa Berglund, “‘I Am Lost without My Boswell’: Samuel Johnson and Sherlock Holmes”
Howard D. Weinbrot, “The Vicar of Wakefield and Genre: Goldsmith through Crane, Conte, and the Complex Plot”
Matthew M. Davis, “Oxford Oath-Taking: The Evidence from Thomas Hearne’s Diaries”
Robert DeMaria, Jr., “Your Humble Servant: Real Letters from Real Servants in the Eighteenth Century”

Special Section: Women’s Fiction in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Michael Genovese, “‘A Mixture of Bad in All’: The Character of Self-Interest in Sarah Fielding’s David Simple
Christopher D. Johnson, “Epic Made Novel: Appropriation and Allusion in Sarah Fielding’s History of the Countess of Dellwyn
Rachel Carnell, “Jacobite Ideology and the Emergence of British Identity in Charlotte Lennox’s Novels”
Elaine Bander, “Family Matters in Burney’s Camilla
Hilary Havens, “Revising the ‘Prose Epic’: Frances Burney’s Camilla

Review Essays
David Fairer, “Swift and Pope: Reading between the Lines”
George E. Haggerty, “Gray Revisited”

Book Reviews

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